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Academic Writings

The author of this site conducts research, writes, and presents in the areas of Canadian and International Tax Law.  This page provides abstracts of and links to academic papers that have been published or are in progress, where the author has sufficient copyright to do so.

Alternatively, papers and abstracts of the author can be found on his SSRN Author page:

Books and Book Chapters
  1. Legitimate Expectations in Canada: Soft Law and tax Administration” (with Lorne Sossin) in Legitimate Expectations in the Common Law World, M Groves and G Weeks, Eds (Bloomburry Professional, 2017);
Tax Papers
  1. Answering Canadian Tax Law Questions: An Introduction to Tax Law Research
  2. Fortuitous Victims: Some Tax Law Consequences of Ponzi Schemes
  3. Death and Taxes: The Nature of a Deceased’s ‘Estate’, its Relationship to the Deceased, and Practical Implications for Reassessments
  4. Waivers of Limitation Periods in the Income Tax Act – Judicial Interpretations and Approaches
  5. Rethinking the Nature of Incorporeal Properties in International Taxation – A Theory of Removable and Non-Removable Incorporeal Properties
Other Papers
  1. Comments and Feedback on ‘Growing Up: Ontario’s Condominium Communities Enter a New Era’ – Condominium Act Review: Stage Two Solutions Report
  2. Globalisation and Legal Scholarship: William Twining’s Call for Revolutionary Jurisprudence
  3. Review of ‘Institutionalized Reason: The Jurisprudence of Robert Alexy’, Matthias Klatt, Ed. (Oxford University Press, 2012)
  4. Too Fat for Society? William Bogart and “Regulating Obesity? Government, Society and Questions of Health” (Fall 2014) 52:1 Osgoode Hall Law Journal
  5. The Perpetual Pursuit of Sharing and Caring: Thomas Keleven‘s Equitable Sharing as a Guide for Legal Actors Chasing Meaningful Democracy

Sas Ansari, BSc BEd PC JD LLM PhD (exp) CPA In-Depth Tax 1, 2 &3

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