Lawyers and Non-Lawyers Woriking Together – Professional Issues

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Lawyers and Non-Lawyers Working Together – Professional Issues

Taxation is an area of law that brings in various professionals from both regulated and non-regulated professions together.  Tax Lawyers, and lawyers dealing with tax issues, often work with various professionals.

This interesting article by Alberto Bernabe, of John Marshall Law School, briefly answers the question: “Do the Rules of Professional Conduct Apply to Non-Lawyer Professionals?”.  Though written from a US perspective, the article raises the important issue of lawyers’ meeting their professional obligations when delivering legal services in co-operation with (or by drawing on) non-lawyers.

The takeaway message, I think, is that lawyers need to find ways to educate the professionals they work with about a lawyer’s professional obligations.  The education must be sufficient to allow non-lawyer professionals to conduct themselves in ways that will enable the lawyer to meet his/her professional obligations.

– Sas Ansari, JD LM PhD (exp)

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