Edwards v The Queen – Still Waiting for Bill C-48

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Michael Edwards is the appellant in a test case involving about $500 Million in donations (“The ParkLane Charitable Donation Program”)and affecting approximately 18,000 Canadians. Edwards brought a motion for adjournment to allow pending legislation to be enacted, as this legislation may assist with his and other cases waiting in the wings.   The TCC denied the motion, and Edwards appealed.

The FCA in Edwards v The Queen, 2012 FCA 330, stated that the motions judge did not err in making her decision.  However, the FCA, on being informed that the provision in question was included in Bill C-48, which received first reading on November 21, 2012, granted an adjournment until November 26, 2013. [The Court was informed that the first reading was on November 26, 2012, but LEGISinfo provides the date of November 21, 2012).

Unfortunately, the Bill has not yet progressed past the first reading stage.  Edwards and others will have to continue to wait.